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Septic Systems

Frontier Excavation, a local company, licensed and experienced in the installation or repair of sewer systems.  This includes on premise septic systems and direct connection to a city sewer system.  If you cannot be connected to a city sewer system, the alternative is to have an on site Septic System in place for sewage and water disposal.  Septic Systems are regulated by Yavapai County regardless of your location.  There is a three-fold process required if nothing is in place.  In the event of a needed repair for a clogged system, permits and certain procedures might be required, depending upon when the system was installed, generally before or after 1989,  followed by the approved repair.




The Three Step Process



  • A permit for a Site Investigation to determine the Percolation Rate or drainage of the soil.
  • Once determined, a Permit and a Design for a Septic System is required. 
  • Upon approval and following the installation and, usually with a repair, an inspection for compliance is required before  use is permitted. 

Frontier Excavation can provide any or all of the requirements from site inspection, design and permitting, installation, testing, and finally getting required inspections




Types of Septic Systems


There are three primary types of septic systems used in Yavapai County.  Conventional Systems which are typically either Leach Rock (aggregate) or Infiltration Chambers and Alternate Systems using Eljen in-drain pads which are smaller in size but higher in cost. The site investigation or property constraints will generally determine which is best and most cost-effective.  Final design and permitting is based upon a variety of factors primarily being required system size, soil quality, and property constraints.


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